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La La Land: a thoroughly enjoyable Tuesday night movie

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Guardian review:

La La Land is such a happy, sweet-natured movie – something to give you a vitamin-D boost of sunshine.

Watch the trailer:

V2M0M: How to Create Alignment Within Your Company in Order to Succeed

V2MOM (pronounced "V2 mom"): is an acronym that stands for vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures.

  1. VISION (What do you want?)
  2. VALUES (What's important about it?)
  3. METHODS (How do you get it?)
  4. OBSTACLES (What might stand in the way?)
  5. MEASURES (How will you know when you have it?)

Source: Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you'll be able to:

  • Write a V2MOM
  • Identify what a SMART measure is
  • Write SMART measures as part of your V2MOM

Harvard's Free Digital Photography Course

Digital photography technology is continually changing, however, the principles behind good photography don't. ALISON's free online photo course gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of digital photography including topics such as exposure settings, how to read and use the histogram, how light affects a photograph, how the camera sensor and lenses work, and how to process a photograph using computer software. You will also learn tips and techniques on what not to do when taking a photograph. 

ALISON's free online course is ideal for those who wish to increase their understanding of digital photography and want to know how to process and produce photographs digitally.

Embed code for NI Assembly Live Stream 2

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The Ultimate Product Launch Checklist |

This handy infographic from AMaqsood is packed full of product-launch wisdom and organized into a tidy checklist you can keep at hand to review (again and again and again) as you prepare to launch.

From legal to marketing to pricing, collateral, lead gen, and more, make sure all of your bases are covered so you can have the best product launch yet.

Check it out:

Image credit: AMaqsood via Pinterest