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How Long Should Your Blog Articles Be? via @neilpatel

Shooting for around 2,000 – 2,250 words should be just about perfect for scratching your readers’ itch.

Google Search can provide you with HEX Colour Codes

1 min read

If you are ever stuck trying to to find a hex colour code value, just turn to google! Simply search for 'hex color' and google will provide a handy hex colour tool as the top result.

hex color tool

As well as the HEX value you will also get the RGN, HSV, HSL and the CMYK values.

Why not give it a try yourself:

25 Facebook Ad Design Hacks to Make People Click - Aggregate blog

A really useful blog post, by Karola Karlson, that acts as a reminder for facebook ad best practice.

Facebook ad design hacks:

  1. Create colourful ad images
  2. Use highly contrasted colours
  3. Create ads that contrast with the entire newsfeed
  4. Add your value proposition in the ad image
  5. Keep your in-image copy short

A Million Words Published at Work in a Remote Company

This is great advice from Sara Rosso:

How, What, Why to Document (and Publish) at Work

Work as though you’re constantly training your replacement: document, explain, and be as public as possible with decisions / discussions.

How to Spend a Social Media Budget

Imagine: You have $100 to spend on social media

Here’re the three possible ways to spend your $100:

  • Plan A: The all-in-one social media budget
  • Plan B: Invest in education
  • Plan C: Advertising-focused