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How to track scroll depth with Google Tag Manager | Loves Data

Scroll depth tracking gives you a simple way to understand how people engage with your content. Benjamin Mangold provides an excellent tutorial on how you can add scroll depth tracking to your google analytics. Watch below:


Enable the built-in scroll variables inside Google Tag Manager


Next, create a new tag by navigating to ‘Tags’ and clicking ‘New’. 

Click on the trigger panel (below the tag) and click on the plus sign to create a new trigger. 


Save the trigger and the tag, then publish the changes to your website.


Lead with Content from Gather Content

How to put content at the centre of digital transformation

Padma Gillen:

This book is about the vital role of content strategy in digital transformation, and vice versa.

If content isn’t put first, projects and organisations don’t end up doing so well. This book is an antidote to ‘content last’ experiences and ways of working.

It’s less about what order the words should go in, using bullet lists or the benefits of subheadings. Instead, it discusses the organisational processes and the systems and rules you need to ensure your organisation is capable of producing quality content in a sustainable way.

Only when you have a supportive (or at least non-obstructive) organisational culture can you produce content that responds to the needs of your users and get it published. And only when it’s published can your content meet the needs of your users.

From user needs, to getting the right people in place, to workflow and governance, this book will help you get ready to transform your content operations.

It won’t be easy. Content is political and digital transformation requires buy-in from all tiers. The thing is, it’s worth it. If you care about your users, you need a way to give them what they need. And even if you don’t care about your users, the only real way to meet your business goals online is to do it by meeting the needs of your users. So either way, you should read this book!

BJ Fogg's Behavior Model

The Fogg Behavior Model shows that three elements must converge at the same moment for a behavior to occur: Motivation, Ability, and a Prompt.