Android – what it will mean to your next mobile purchase

You’ve probably heard about Android, the Open Source project part funded and instigated by google. It’s now been released in the USA on a HTC device on the T-Mobile network and will shortly launch in the uk on the same network.

So, I hear you saying, so what? Well the next time you come to upgrade your mobile, you will no longer have a simple choice to make with regard to either handset or tariff.

Why? Well smartphones are set to become the standard device on offer and data plans are already all the
rage. Therefore you will have no option but to embrace the mobile web.

But fear not, this is actually a good thing. You’ll have one touch access to your email, you’ll be able to chat to your facebook buddies straight from your phone and you’ll never need to go into a bank again as you can do all your banking from your mobile.

No longer will you be tied to that pc in the corner.