Apple Keyboard and Mouse

I’ve just taken delivery of an Apple wireless keyboard and Mouse, that is their bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mighty mouse.

The unboxing process, as always with Apples products, is delightful. You just know you’re getting quality products. Second thought, where’s the rest of the keyboard? The keyboard is tiny yet they keys themselves are massive!
Touch typing is a breeze and my overall impression of the keyboard is that it is pure quality.
Design wise it is iconic with it’s aluminium case and white keys, while it weighs next to nothing. It’s reminiscent of the zx spectrum.
This is a keyboard worth buying.
I really don’t know what else to say. It took 30 seconds to setup, it was just a matter of pairing it with my mac mini and away I went.

Below you can see a comparison with my previous keyboard, a MS Desktop 6000:

The mighty mouse has mixed reviews. Typically users either love it or loathe it. I am lover! Granted I’ve not been using one for long, but it is very easy to use and ergonomically, it is very comfortable.

Time will tell on whether I experience the scroll wheel clogging up, but I think this is one mouse that I’m going to live with.