iRealSMS has released version 2.0

Yes, as the title says, iRealSMS has released the long awaited 2.0 for jailbroken iphones, and with it comes new features and bug fixes.

First up is a little rant. You have to pay for the upgrade, €5 to be precise. Now, you can take this one of several ways, but I for one think that for those customers upgrading, the upgrade should have been free. That said, I paid my money, so no point moaning now!

If you are a new customer, the SMS app will cost you €10, a little steep in my opinion.

So, why will you want to pay for this when you already have SMS on the iphone?

Folders, forward, landscape and more! That’s why. While this is by no means an ‘apple’ standard app (how many actually are?) it is very functional and works well.

If you send lots of texts, receive jokes or like to save messages then you need this app. Apple should take note, this app has what should have been included as standard in the iPhone.

I’m going to give it 8/10.