iRealSMS transforms the iPhone into a true texting device

iRealSMS transforms the iPhone into a true texting device

So, sending an SMS on the iPhone is a simple process, that is if you have skinny fingers. Those of us who are not 12 years old will probably find that typing on the iPhone in the vertical position will pose some problems. Nothing too serious, but landscape typing would make it a lot easier.

Thankfully the good folk behind iRealSMS have seen the light and developed an App that allows landscape typing and forwarding on text’s, two features that I’ve been waiting for. So what’s the catch?

Firstly, this app will only work on an iPhone that has been jailbroken i.e. hacked. This in itself is very easy to do, but it’s rather annoying that Apple couldn’t just have created a fully functioning SMS app in the first place.
The second downside is that this app is commercial and costs €5. Not a lot, and certainly worth the outlay.

So why did I buy this app? Essentially, the SMS app is ok and typing texts can be quite easy (once you get used to the tiny keypad) but I felt that I was missing out by not being able to forward texts on or save a message as draft add those to the fact that I can now type in landscape mode, thus making my typing a lot faster.

A definite improvement over the inbuilt app.