Mac, ODF and 3g

I bought myself a mac mini a couple of weeks ago and have been playing with it ever since. Like many people, I have been an admirer of Apple’s product design and I currently own an ipod nano and a 4th gen ipod. Both have served me well and I am fairly comfortable with itunes. It was only a matter of time until I bought a proper mac computer. The mini serves me great, both as a pc and as a home theatre solution. I’ll develop this into a proper post about my mac later on.

What is ODF? Well, it’s Open Document Format and it stands between the free world and Microsoft. Well OK, a little dramatic, but it represents open source battling against proprietary software such as Microsoft’s XML. I’m a fan of open source and I’ll be writing about how you can support the open source community and ODF by doing little more than downloading some great software.

Finally 3g. This technology promised the earth back in 2000, yet 8 years later we are yet to be truly convinced. I myself have been using 3g for over three years on various networks, but it’s only really now that data tariffs have dropped in price that the technology is really starting to get a foothold. I’ll be telling you why you need to get a 3g phone with a cheap data tariff.