mail by google

Like many Nokia users I’ve long hankered after the gmail app for java enabled phones to work with google apps for your domain. Finally google have pulled their finger out and transferred the java app to GAFYD. It is exactly the same as the normal gmail app and you can run them both on the same phone.

They have released this in a quiet fashion. I can’t see the benefit in that as surely they want to entice more business users to their wonderful gmail platform.
They already have a blackberry app and iphone users are able to make use of the ‘mail’ application which enables use of IMAP.

So why do you need this app?
I like the look an feel of the app, the fact that its not memory intensive and that it retrieves your email pretty quickly.
It’s only for java enabled mobile phones such as my N95 and those google apps users.
To try it for yourself, head to from your phone’s web browser.