Market news, well old news really!

First up is Amazons deal to buy Audible for nearly $300 million. If you’re not an audible user, then you probably will not care about this deal, but for those of us who are, then this deal is huge. It will allow Amazon to sell paper books, ebooks and downloadable audio books through its shop window. OK, this might not sound like a big deal, but with Amazon releasing the kindle, the user now has greater choice on how to consume literature. Kindle already supports the subscription model, therefore audible will sit nicely on the kindle as an add on.

Next up is Microsoft’s proposed take over of Yahoo!. This has got a few bloggers running scared, not least google. I have to say that I’m not that bothered. Yes it’s a huge deal, but it real terms, we wont know how it will impact on net users for at least 12-18 months. This deal is disguised as a defence to googles advertising and search monopoly and will easily pass anti competitive measures. But, it’s not just about advertising and search. Yahoo and Microsoft together have over 500 million email users. They also have a huge instant messaging presence, which means that together they will dwarf all other email and IM services. By contrast gmail only has around 50 million users. The implications for this part of their business is unknown; will yahoo mail become live mail for instance?

I’ll be posting a follow up article in a couple of days.