The wonderful world of 3g

I have been using 3g for over three years and this year has been the year that mobile data has become customer focused.

3g is mobile phone technology that enables data streams to be sent to mobile phones in a relatively fast way. Essentially, 3g enables users to browse the net, make video calls, stream radio stations and check email while still being able to receive phone calls.

So what’s changed this year? Quite simply, data plans have become affordable. I pay three £5 a month for a 1GB download allowance. That’s plenty, considering I have a home broadband package as well. The tariff gives me the freedom to do things that previously I would not have considered, as the cost was prohibitive.

There are several choices for consumers now, but if you are considering a new mobile on a contract think about getting a 3g phone. Generally these will ship with high specifications including, expandable memory, good camera, mp3 player, movie player, calendar, email etc. I personally use Nokia’s N95, but have an E65 which is an excellent phone. If you fancy an iphone, wait until apple release a 3g version which is expected later this year.

A useful source of 3g info is Talk3G, a forum dedicated to 3g talk.