What I want to see in a 3g iphone


I think it’s no great secret that a 3g iphone is coming in June; I suppose the real question is what spec will it carry?

I’m certain there will be a 32GB model (much like the current touch) but I also believe the base model will carry a 16GB hard drive.

My own personal preference would see a slightly slimmer model and I would also sacrifice screen size by reducing the height of the model to 10cm, down from the 11.5 the current model carries.

The camera needs to be improved. Let me rephrase, Apple needs to implement a true camera into the iphone. We have be accustomed to digital cameras and phones have included cameras for many years now. The current camera in the iphone simply doesn’t cut it. It will have to have at least 5 megapixels and auto focus, but should probably strive to be better.
The camera should also be capable of recording video.

One concern that has been raised regarding the current model has been the lack of applications available for the iphone, but after the launch of the SDK this has largely been resolved. My concern is that there will not be many free apps available which is in contrast to symbian phones. I can live with that as the platform is still in its infancy and there are lots of hardcore coders out there who love OSX.

So what else? GPS should be a given, but with Apple I’m not sure. They seem determined to get everyone online and while this serves a purpose, GPS can be more useful.

I think by now you will have realised that the iphone can’t be greatly improved upon. However, the phone is only as good as the applications that are built for it.

This is my must have list:

  • email> gmail apps integration
  • calendar> google calendar integration
  • podcasting
  • ebook reader
  • rss reader
  • skype
  • SIP
  • twitter
  • instant messaging
  • radio
  • weather
  • currency converter
  • world time zones
  • maps
  • sports tracker equivalent
  • dictionary / thesaurus
  • calculator
  • notes
  • contacts> sync with gmail
  • games

As good as those apps will be, they will need a suitable data plan and decent 3g coverage. I know that in the UK O2 has only recently attained 80% coverage which is only by population so geographically speaking their coverage is quite thin.

Rumours are flying around that the 3g iphone will be sold unlocked, this being the case buy one and take it to a network that can support good data use, such as three or vodafone.

One things for certain, the 3g iphone will be a bigger success than the current model.