A possible twist on the Amazon Kindle


Rumours are circulating that amazon have revamped the kindle and are
set to launch the product next Monday.
While I believe this will happen, I wonder if Amazon could seize the
ebook market by releasing an iPhone app?

Let’s take a look at the advantages.

1. Ebooks are already popular on the iPhone / iPod touch platform.
2. Amazon are a well respected seller if books.
3. They have an existing ebook sales outlet fully stocked with the latest titles.
4. Many consumers already have a relationship with Amazon, therefore the trust element already exists.
5. The ebook market is still in the early stages of development, which is where Internet shopping was when amazon launched. They therefore have the necessary experience to launch this product.
7. The smartphone market is growing, therefore an ereader programme is going to gain more exposure. An android is another possibility.

Ok, are there any disadvantages?

1. Cost of R&D – is the market worth the risk?
2. Piracy, how to stop your ebooks circulating on torrent sites?
3. DRM: do your customers want this?probably not.
4. Cost, ebooks have to reflect the price of physical books, but offer up an advantage ie cheaper! Lower margin?
5. Affect traditional sales like how digital sales if music have cannibalised sales of CDs.

So, will the ebook market take off? Only time will tell.