Gmail outage

Gmail went down and all of a sudden it’s doom and gloom for cloud computing. But here’s the kicker, I didn’t notice. Why? I have my iphone’s mail client setup to access gmail and that service was unaffected.

How many work servers go down on a semi regular basis? I know my own works internal server  struggles at times, therefore no system is fullproof.

But what about those who don’t like cloud computing because nothing is stored locally?
The simple answer is to copy your documents! Are the doom sayers really telling us not to backup? Ok, sometimes the most recent version might not be on your hard drive, but there is always a solution to this sort of problem.

When I’m asked my opinion on cloud computing, I always ask this question: how comfortable are you storing your data on another companies server? If the answer is yes, then give cloud computing a go, if the answer is no, then you need to disconnect your broadband, because someone might be hacking your pc right now!

Come on people, get over it.