A Dangerous Man by Charlie Huston


In Six Bad Things we saw Hank develop the characteristics required to be a hired gun and judging by the title of this the final part of the Hank Thompson trilogy, Hank really is “A Dangerous Man”.

As Hank says himself:

There are reasons why people do the things they do. You have to have a reason, otherwise you couldn’t do them

This is for you Mom and Dad. This is for you.

So what exactly is Hank doing?
He’s a hitman for a Russian mob boss, quietly going about his business in Las Vegas. His days revolve around a concoction of narcotics, scummy bars and generally making a mess of people. But like the previous novels, Hank gets a change of scenery and in ‘A Dangerous Man’ Hank is sent back to New York, where his troubles start to spiral out of control once more.

Is there a happy ending? Well only you can be judge of that, and to be frank, there can be no follow up books.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series and I’d recommend you read them back to back if possible.

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A Dangerous Man by Charlie Huston