Caught Stealing by Charlie Huston

This was the first Charlie Huston novel I read and I have since read seven more which should indicate how compelling (to me) his books are. Not for the faint hearted, Huston has a brash style that resembles a (good) Tarantino movie. Profanity and violence are frequent players in all of Huston’s work and ‘Caught Stealing’ drops the reader straight into the action and immediately leaves you wanting more.

The book is centred around the character Hank Thompson, who was a promising high school baseball player with a big future in the game, that was until he broke his leg. After that things took a turn for the worse, more from bad judgement and luck than anything else, all of which makes for better reading. Let’s face it, no one wants to read about the guy who almost made it, only to end up working the 9-5 and conforming to societies preset values.

So after Hank agrees to look after his neighbour’s cat, his life spirals into a series of extreme drama and the inevitable twists lead you to like a character that you will initially label as a loser. Without giving too much away, the story revolves around the cat, his ability to escape bad situations and how he ends up making it across the Mexican border with the cat and a bag load of money.

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Caught Stealing by Charlie Huston