Why do people visit your website?

https://ichristaylor.com/2011/why-do-people-visit-your-website-1 There seems to be a lack of understanding among the masses about how people actually find themselves on your website, but is it actually

How To Use Twitter Lists

How To Use Twitter Lists Twitter has allowed you to create lists of other twitter users for a while now, but not many people seem

My first impressions of google+

My first impressions of google+ Last week Google launched their long awaited social network, Google+ and while it is currently in closed beta, I have

The Sex Club

The Sex Club When a bomb explodes at a birth-control clinic and a young client turns up dead, Detective Jackson is assigned both cases. But

Dexter is Delicious

Dexter is Delicious Dexter is with child. They say the day you become a father changes you and your perception of life. Well can Dexter,

Dexter by Design

Dexter by Design After Dexter gets married – yes he married Rita – things are supposed to be different. He has a house, a wife

Dearly Devoted Dexter

Dearly Devoted Dexter In this the second in the Dexter series, Jeff Lindsay develops the character of Dexter and shows us how a serial killer