Cloud Reader from Amazon

You can now read your Amazon Kindle books on any browser, mobile or PC and offline to boot thanks to cloud reader from Amazon. Simply visit from any browser and you should be presented with this screen:

Cloud Reader by Amazon

On the iPad, once you log in you will be asked to increase the database size. Say “increase”.


You will then be presented with your kindle library.

Your cloud reader library as seen on the iPad

Select a book to start reading. It will open up in a vertical screen like this:

Cloud reader in portrait mode

Or a horizontal one like this. You do of course have the option to restrict which way the book displays by forcing an orientation lock on the iPad.

Cloud reader in landscape mode

Next you will want to create a bookmark for your iPad’s home screen. Do that by selecting the arrow icon next to the address bar in safari and select “Add to Home Screen”. You can rename the bookmark if you wish. When you are ready, simply press “Add”.

How to add cloud reader to your iPad home screen

Here is a screen shot of the kindle cloud reader bookmark icon on the iPad:

What the cloud reader icon looks like on the iPad

The kindle cloud reader gives you the same presentation options you have in native apps such as background colour, text size and brightness.

Cloud reader with a white background

Given that the iPad already has a native kindle app, I’m not sure who will use the cloud reader. What it does do though, is demonstrate that with HTML5 not all applications require a native app. This will be a big draw to developers who will then only need to develop for one application – the web browser. I expect to see more applications go web only in the future.

What are your favourite web only apps?