Dearly Devoted Dexter

dearly-devoted-dexterIn this the second in the Dexter series, Jeff Lindsay develops the character of Dexter and shows us how a serial killer can juggle dating a mother of two while allowing himself to satisfy the dark urges that control him.

Dexter has a new enemy, Sergeant Doakes of the Miami Dade PD who knows what Dexter is but cannot prove it. However, rather than focus on that Jeff Lindsay decides to throw in yet another serial killer who is rather good at amputating limbs.  Enter Kyle Chutsky who works for a “higher up authority” and takes over the investigation.

I enjoyed this book and it weaves Dexter’s life nicely between ‘reality’ of Rita and a normal life and the ‘ridiculous’ which is Dexter at night doing what he does best. What Lindsay is able to do here, which is particularly good, is develop Doakes’ character beyond the sinister cop and into someone who is a real threat to Dexter.

By the end of this book you will be developing a sense of who the characters in the series are and what makes them tick.