iPad: Creator or Consumer of Content?

iPad: Creator or Consumer of Content?

Can the iPad be a consumer and a creator of content?

My iPad is not just a consumer of content it has proven time and time again to be a useful aid for creating content. For example I have installed some photo editing apps, some “office” apps and of course there is email! All of this has cost very little and has really added to the overall experience of the iPad.

If I’m honest, most of my time on the iPad is spent consuming information, either from websites, twitter or news apps and it is here that the device excels.

I have read lots of articles about how Apple’s revolutionary new tablet was going to change the publishing industry forever, but so far all I’ve seen are expensive blunders.

What can the media industry do to convince me to buy their app?

Guardian iPhone App offline options

I read The Guardian online and have purchased their iPhone app (which works on the iPad). They charge £3.99 for a 12 month subscription to their content and overall is a worthwhile purchase.  However, I still do most of my Guardian reading through RSS and their website. Why? It’s just a better experience. I will continue with the app though because it offers offline reading which is essential if you’re flying!

If I am going to buy your app, you need to offer me something that your website does not.
This is why most of the apps I have installed help me create things, whether it’s a photo edit, a document or an audio recording.

As long as the iPad has an internet browser, its primary function for me will always be to consume content, but it is also really useful as a productivity tool.