Year: 2015

Tommy Tiernan at the Waterfront

This was a show I was really looking forward to. However, it was a massive let down. In this performance Tommy Tiernan told us about the pitfalls of middle age. And some other things that aren’t worth reporting.
I spotted an audience member in front of me sleeping.
It was really that bad.
His cousin, Eleanor Tiernan, was the warm up act and was much funnier.

CrashedIce at Stormont

Managed to get this shot on the practice day for the CrashedIce event that was held in Stormont Estate, Belfast. I’m sure this guy had a sore bum after that fall!!

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The view down the Crashed Ice track

Looking good! I’m not sure I would want to go down on skates but come Friday the pros will show us all how to do it 😀

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sunset photo

Getting the requisite #sunset photo in early tonight.

Red Bull Crashed Ice Track

This is the view from Parliament Buildings as preparations were underway for the Red Bull Crashed Ice event that was staged in Stormont. Did you go?

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