Year: 2016

How Typography Can Save Your Life – ProPublica

I can’t stand the use of ALL CAPS in text.

A light touch on the caps-lock key is not just a good strategy for emphasizing the right things, but also just generally for making text easier to read. Because we see words as shapes, big rectangular blocks of all caps take us much longer to process.

Of course, if you’re trying to make something hard to read, then all caps is the perfect choice. Companies that set safety warnings in all caps may, intentionally or not, veil important information from consumers.

Here’s a version of the Surgeon General’s Warning that appears in Edward Tufte’s masterpiece Visual Explanations. The warning appears on a cigarette billboard and has been artfully concocted in ALL CAPS, underlined, and surrounded by a dark black border.

So why do we use all caps instead of bold or italic or even highlighted? Because back when lawyers used typewriters, the only simple way to emphasize anything was to use ALL CAPS.

Tom McKibbin: the golf prodigy following closely in Rory McIlroy’s footsteps

One of several intriguing aspects of McKibbin’s journey is that the US has formed such a consistent backdrop. “There are a lot more players over there, things are a lot more competitive over there,” he says. “I have played tournaments in America for longer than I have here because for a while there was nothing for my age group. I was always playing with older kids.”

Making the Most of Your Presentation with Piktochart

Making the Most of Your Presentation with Piktochart

First, if you have charts and graphs as part of your presentation, make sure you’re using our Data Import feature.

You can use the tool to add your data manually, or you can import a spreadsheet in most of the common formats (CSV, XLS, etc.).

If you use Google’s suite of office apps, you can take advantage of one of my favorite features. You can connect a chart in your presentation to a Google Spreadsheet in your Google Drive.

We call this feature the “Dynamic Data” importer because connecting your chart to a Google spreadsheet allows the chart to change as the data in your Google spreadsheet is updated. There are no additional steps needed on your end. Pretty cool, huh?

The formation of an Opposition at the NI Assembly: what does it mean?

Good article from the folks at Stratagem:

With the UUP announcing that they are set to form a formal opposition in the Northern Ireland Assembly, we take a look at what the practicalities are for them as set out in the Assembly and Executive Reform (Assembly Opposition) Act (Northern Ireland) 2016.

Who can form the official Opposition in the Assembly?

The Opposition can be formed by one or more qualifying parties in the Assembly. A qualifying party, essentially, is a party which has chosen not to hold a Ministerial office despite being entitled to do so under Assembly rules. A qualifying party may also be a party whose members comprise 8 per cent or more of the total number of seats in the Assembly (108), and does not contain a member who is a Minister.

11 ways to get the most out of Google Keep on Android

7. Turn any note into a list

“Speaking of lists, you probably know you can start a new list by tapping the list-like icon in Keep’s floating action bar — but did you know you can also convert any existing note into a list with a couple quick taps?

While editing a note, touch the plus icon in the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap “Checkboxes.” That’s it; you can now check this off your list.”

10 Premier League Free Agents Up For Grabs This Summer

Oh I really hope Carrick leaves in the summer.

All these players should be available for absolutely nothing when their contracts expire, and could offer teams all across Europe with a seasoned professional for a bargain.

How’d You Get That Picture? Bob Martin’s Glorious Sports Photography

Bob Martin is an award-winning sports photographer who’s shot every major sporting event on the planet, from the last 13 Summer and Winter Olympics to elephant polo and horse racing on ice. His photographs have been published in Sports Illustrated, Time, Life Magazine and The New York Times, among many other places, and he’s received more than 60 prestigious awards, including British Sports Photographer of the Year (three times!) and the World Press Photo Sports Picture of the Year

Captured when the weather turned during our walk. If you look closely it’s a double rainbow!

Setup Gmail to use custom domains for free

Mailgun advertises itself as a set of “powerful APIs that enable you to send, receive and track email effortlessly.” Reading that description, you may be wondering how a developer tool could allow you to use Gmail with custom domains for free.Basically, Mailgun has two components that allow you to do this: an email forwarding service and an SMTP server.

I’m using Mailgun for several email accounts that I own and can vouch for the method outlined on the simplyian site.

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