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How to setup Virgin Media Superhub 2 with TP-Link TL-WPA4220 powerline adapter

First off all plug in your TP Link Powerline adapter and just incase you have made a mess of things reset the adapter by pushing a pin into the reset hole under the adapter next to the Ethernet sockets and hold it for about 5 seconds until you see lights going off.Now your Powerline adapter is reset to factory like when you took it out the box.

Next open a webpage on your computer assuming you have your Virgin Superhub up and running and type in the superhub address and hit enter.

Log in

Now you will see three large red icons WIFI Wireless Network settings / Super Hub Settings / Device Connection Status. Now you click on WIFI Wireless Network Setting. You will see Wireless on off and then the next line you will see Security Mode and in the box next to it it will probably say WPA AUTO. Now click on this Security Mode box and from the drop down menu select the selection WPA2-PSK[AES] and the scroll halfway down the screen and click the save settings icon


Now near the top of the page click the Home icon which will take you back to the Home page with the three large red icons on it from before. Now near the bottom of the home page is a red Advanced Settings icon click on this and a pop up Advanced settings warning will come up and just click on yes here not cancel (trust me don't worry about it) Now on the advanced settings page the first grey box titled Wireless has 5 selections the bottom one being WPS settings and you should click on this. Now be careful not to press anything and look down the left side of the screen until you get to a red icon which says WPS Sync which is under Add WPS Client and a selected Push Button. Click on the red icon WPS Sync and then the page should keep reloading and it should say in progress. You will also notice the large button on the front of your Super Hub will flicker red pink purple colour DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON AT ALL.

Now go to your TP LINK Powerline Adapter and look for the WPS or wireless button on the front of the adapter at the bottom of the green lights in fact it will probably be flashing rapidly. Press this button and hold for say three seconds to be sure and release. It should now start to flash much slower and on your computer next to add client status it should say Success!

If it says Timed out then click cancel and then Apply and close your browser and open a new page and goto sign in and click on to the advanced settings and WPS Settings page and WPS Sync again and then press the WPS button on your powerline for 3 seconds again until you get Success!