Year: 2019

Belfast skyline at dusk

The Belfast Skyline at dusk. Looking towards Divis and Black Mountain.
Looking towards Divis and Black Mountain

Took this photo on my Pixel 3a with night sight.

Four keyword research tips from Keyword Keg

1. Source the keywords from the place that makes the most sense to your business

“if you run an e-commerce site, Amazon and eBay are much better sources for keywords”

2. Keywords optimized for On-Page and Off-Page SEO are tough to rank for

3. Pay attention to Search Engine Result Page (SERP) features

So while the rest of us are chasing such high volume useless keywords, they are ranking for keywords that do not have these SERP features.

4. Focus only on keywords that improve your bottom line

Keywords are, therefore, categorized as Buyer Intent, Product Info, Question and so on and you need to decide which category of keywords you would like to focus your efforts on.


9 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work – from hootsuite

What exactly is a social media strategy?

If you use these templates from hootsuite you’ll soon develop your own social media strategy.

1. Social media strategy template

2. Social media audit template

3. Social media content calendar

4. Editorial content calendar

5. Social media analytics report template

6. Social media report template

7. Social media image sizes

8. Social media bios template

9. Bulk upload template

Bonus templates for social media

  • How to conduct customer research to better target prospects (includes a template for creating audience/customer personas)
  • How to work with social media influencers in 2019 (bonus template for brands building an influencer marketing strategy)
  • Everything your brand pitch must include (with a template for social media influencers looking to partner with brands)
  • How to write a social media proposal to win clients
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