Six Bad Things by Charlie Huston

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Six Bad Things by Charlie Huston

Hank’s back in this Charlie Huston’s second novel and it’s time for Hank to come home.

It turns out that the luck I described in my post about “Caught Stealing” was not luck after all. Hank has a talent and that is not just avoiding getting killed, but he has developed into a master manipulator of circumstance and enjoys that rare ability to survive while all those around him are getting themselves killed.

Hank has moved on with his life and is happy living the quiet life in Mexico but that all changes when a backpacker comes to town and befriends hank.

Huston has the uncanny knack of being able to tell stories within stories, which enables sub-plots to develop nicely. In Six Bad Things, Hank learns a valuable life lesson (or two or three!) and makes a life changing decision when he discovers that his love for his parents will change him forever.

Six Bad Things is available to read (below) and download free on
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Six Bad Things by Charlie Huston

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