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How To Write Longer Content Like A Pro – The Startup – Medium

How Joe Daniels creates his articles: 

The Focus:

Explain briefly what you’re going to talk about. What is the focus?

Leading Them In:

Most people will have a base knowledge of the subject. This is where you clarify that base knowledge and lead them in to the topic.

Sit Up And Pay Attention:

With the help of stats or expert opinion, show the audience that the topic is super important and they really, really need to take notice.

The Meat:

This is the premise of the article, explaining what you have to say on the topic.

Something To Take Away:

Once you’ve explained the theory, you need to give them something practical that they can go away and work with.

Bring It All Together:

Finish off by summarizing and bringing together the key points of the article.

 The 7 Principles of Privacy by Design

  1. The Privacy by Design approach must adopt a proactive rather than reactive stance and aim at preventing privacy risks and not at addressing them after they occur;
  2. Privacy is to be used as a default setting;
  3. Privacy must be embedded into design;
  4. Privacy by Design ensures full functionality and seeks to achieve both privacy and security;
  5. Security must be made an integral part of the systems throughout their whole lifecycle;
  6. It seeks to achieve visibility and transparency;
  7. Systems are to be kept user-centric and users interests and needs must be taken into account.



Is Facebook Messenger the New Email? 3 Experiments to Find Out

Here's an interesting use for Messenger from the folks at Hubspot.

  1. Using Facebook Messenger as a Content Delivery Channel
  2. Getting Event Attendees to Participate Through Facebook Messenger
  3. Using Facebook Messenger in Place of Forms

Blogging Statistics and Trends: The 2017 Survey of 1000+ Bloggers

The survey breaks down into 11 questions in three broad categories:

1. Changes In The Blogging Process

  • How long does it take to write a blog post?
  • How frequently do bloggers publish?
  • Are bloggers using editors?
  • Where and when do bloggers write?

2. Trends on Blog Content

  • How long is your typical blog post?
  • What do bloggers include in their content?
  • Is guest posting still a popular practice?
  • Are bloggers updating older articles?

3. Blogging Promotion and Measurement

  • How is your content typically promoted?
  • How often do bloggers check analytics?
  • Are bloggers driving results?

For each question, we’ll present the survey data along with analysis showing which types of bloggers are reporting the best results. And finally, we’ll share the insights of experts and friends.

Read the full article now!

Analytics Tools by Avinash Kaushik

Here's a list of the tools that should be a part of your analytics practice today:

Clickstream: Google AnalyticsCloud-hosted PiwikFirebase (for mobile apps)

Multiple Outcomes: QualarooGoogle Surveys. And create Goals in your analytics tools above.

Experimentation: Google OptimizeV W O

Voice of Customer: UserTestingUsability Hub. Also the multiple outcomes solutions above.

Competitive Intelligence: SimilarWebAdWords Keyword PlannerSocial Mention.

GA Bulk URL Builder - Google Sheets add-on

Tired of tagging urls with UTMs one at a time? With this Add-on you can build 100s of URLs in one click!

GA Bulk URL Builder

Get SoundCloud & iTunes RSS Feed Urls

Simply paste the iTunes / SoundCloud urls into getrssfeed and let the service retrieve the podcast public RSS feed for you

22 Facebook Statistics that Every Marketer Must Know in 2017

40.5% of people say they prefer ads that are directly related to their interests

At the start of 2017, more than 65 million local businesses had a Facebook page.

79% of online adults use Facebook.

42% of consumers do not follow brands on social media.

42.2% of people like or follow a page so they can get an exclusive offer.

Every Facebook user has more than 1,500 stories competing for a spot in their newsfeed at any given time.

However, only about 300 of those stories are chosen to appear in the newsfeed.

40.5% of people say they prefer ads that are directly related to their interests.

Shorter Facebook posts get 23% more interaction than longer posts.

Posts with photos receive 179% more engagements than other posts.

Videos are the most shared post type, with 89.5 average Facebook shares

The average length of a Facebook video was 3 minutes and 48 seconds.

The average person only watched a Facebook video for 10 seconds.

85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound turned off.

People are 1.5x more likely to watch video on a smartphone instead of a desktop.

Square video takes up 78% more space in a mobile newsfeed than landscape video does.

Read the full article at adespresso.

"You're doing it wrong" wise words from @thisissethsblog

You're doing it wrong. Once you're doing it, you have a chance to do it better.

But at least you're doing it.

Once you're doing it, you have a chance to do it better.

Waiting for perfect means not starting.

Seth Godin