5 Key Components of Landing Pages That Convert via @dmigroup


The landing page you use in your PPC campaign is your chance to speak directly to your target audience on your terms. You’ve got a prospective buyer on your website; now you can speak to them without the restrictions or limitations of an advertising network.

A great landing page…can multiply a person’s enthusiasm for your offer and drive them towards taking action.

A great headline

Your landing page’s headline is the first thing prospects will read after they arrive on your page, so it’s essential that you get it right.

Use simple, intuitive forms

Have you ever clicked on a link and arrived on a landing page, only to encounter a form with a seemingly endless number of fields?

Use images

Which is more fun to read: a magazine or a textbook? Academics aside, the majority of people would rather read a picture-heavy magazine than a dense, single-spaced page of content from a textbook.

Include a value proposition

Remember the three-step formula we outlined above for a great title? The final step was to list your offer’s value – the benefits it provides to leads, clients or customers.

This is called a value proposition, and it’s an essential part of any landing page. Without a clear value proposition, people that arrive on your landing page aren’t likely to understand how or why your offer is worth pursuing. A Value proposition is:

  • Lists the key benefit of your offer
  • Explains what you do, who you do it for, and why it’s useful
  • Lists secondary benefits and important features
  • Communicates why your specific offer is the right choice

Check your compatibility and load speed

No matter how effective your landing page is at turning prospects into customers, it’s unlikely to generate a positive return on ad spend if only half of your audience can see it. Load speed is one of the most frequently ignored factors in landing page optimization. 

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