How to Create A Facebook Marketing Campaign That Will 3x Your Engagement by Neil Patel

How to Create A Facebook Marketing Campaign That Will 3x Your Engagement

Your Facebook page should be used to provide an extraordinary experience for your audience.

Host recurring engagement campaigns on your pages.

You Facebook campaigns need to be well-thought-out and well-executed.

What do I mean by engagement campaigns?

Contests, giveaways, promotions, and events all fall into this bracket.

It takes some creativity to host these campaigns continuously.

However, the recurring factor is imperative.


Marketers usually have one or a series of campaigns when they’re trying to push a particular objective.

For example, to grow their email list, they’ll host a giveaway.

The problem with this approach is that hosting one-off campaigns will not keep your audience energized in a lasting way.

I want to help you nurture the kind of engagement that has staying power. More importantly, it won’t be costly to keep up.

Also, with recurring campaigns, you don’t have to come up with fresh ideas every week. You can set your weekly promotions in motion and be done with it.

1. Have trivia days where you host a quiz. You can also tie this in with product giveaways to reward fans who get it right.

2. Have opinion days where you give your audience two or more options. Then ask them to pick their favorite.

3. Have a quick-tip day where you give your audience actionable how-to advice on a relevant topic.

4. Have a fact day where you give your audience a little-known fact about your business or industry. You can also ask them for their own facts.

5. Have coupon campaigns for different products and services. This one is guaranteed to drive sales.

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