How To Write Longer Content Like A Pro – The Startup – Medium

How Joe Daniels creates his articles: 

The Focus:

Explain briefly what you’re going to talk about. What is the focus?

Leading Them In:

Most people will have a base knowledge of the subject. This is where you clarify that base knowledge and lead them in to the topic.

Sit Up And Pay Attention:

With the help of stats or expert opinion, show the audience that the topic is super important and they really, really need to take notice.

The Meat:

This is the premise of the article, explaining what you have to say on the topic.

Something To Take Away:

Once you’ve explained the theory, you need to give them something practical that they can go away and work with.

Bring It All Together:

Finish off by summarizing and bringing together the key points of the article.

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