Apple replaced my scratched ipad 2 screen under warranty

iPadThis post will detail how Apple replaced my scratched iPad 2 screen free of charge.

I recently took delivery of a new iPad 2 and have been having lots of fun with it. So much fun, that somehow, I managed to scratch the screen. Nightmare! A google search for “how to fix a scratched iPad screen” or “scratched iPad screen” revealed some home made fixes, none of which I was prepared to try on such a new device. The google searches also revealed that scratches aren’t covered under warranty, so how did I fix my scratched iPad?

After much thought I decided that I had to speak to Apple to see if they had any suggestions. This involved a trip to the Apple Genius Bar (If you have never been to the Genius Bar before, it really is a treat). Apple does not call these guys geniuses for nothing, they are well trained in customer service and are very knowledgeable on Apple products.

I was met by a Genius who quickly identified the scratch and sympathised with me. I explained that I didn’t know what happened (I honestly don’t, I can only suspect that it occurred while I cleaned the screen) and that I always try to take care of my gadgets. After some consideration the genius offered to repair the iPad under warranty for free.  This was a fantastic piece of customer service. There I was, a disgruntled Apple customer who honestly thought he had bought a lemon, but now, Apple have demonstrated quality customer service and have restored my faith in Apple products.

[As a side note, Apple would have charged me £199 (including VAT) to repair the screen.]

So there you have it, if you have a problem with any Apple product, make sure you speak to Apple or visit the Genius Bar as they will offer you advice and may even repair it for free!

Screen Protector

After taking delivery of my replacement iPad 2 I decided that I needed the security of a screen protector. Call me paranoid, but after my first iPad 2 got scratched so easily, I just had to have an extra layer of protection, so I ordered one from Ebay. It was easily fitted and does not make the screen any less bright or usable, but it does make the iPad slightly less attractive to look at!

Chrome for the Mac: fast but unreliable

As a google fanboy and a Mac user it’s frustrating that Chrome for OS X is still very much an alpha version.
For those who forget what Chrome is, here’s the official blurb:

Chrome is a web browser that runs web pages and applications with lightning speed.

Speed: Fast to launch, fast to load web pages
Simplicity: Designed for efficiency and ease of use
Style: Themes to add colour and delight to your browser

Firefox has been my browser of choice for many years now and with version 3.5 Mozilla have made significant progress in terms of speed, but Chrome is still faster. As someone who users gmail and other google apps it would make sense to use Chrome with these services. However, on the Mac at least, they cause Chrome to crash, gmail not to load and generally perform like a dog!

Am I done with Chrome? Not yet and I’m actually optimistic about a future Mac release. General browsing is very slick and with HTML5 support you can see the direction the browser is taking. When google iron out the problems, this browser will become the tool of choice for all my google apps.

You can download Chrome from the official site:

Apple Keyboard and Mouse

I’ve just taken delivery of an Apple wireless keyboard and Mouse, that is their bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mighty mouse.

The unboxing process, as always with Apples products, is delightful. You just know you’re getting quality products. Second thought, where’s the rest of the keyboard? The keyboard is tiny yet they keys themselves are massive!
Touch typing is a breeze and my overall impression of the keyboard is that it is pure quality.
Design wise it is iconic with it’s aluminium case and white keys, while it weighs next to nothing. It’s reminiscent of the zx spectrum.
This is a keyboard worth buying.
I really don’t know what else to say. It took 30 seconds to setup, it was just a matter of pairing it with my mac mini and away I went.

Below you can see a comparison with my previous keyboard, a MS Desktop 6000:

The mighty mouse has mixed reviews. Typically users either love it or loathe it. I am lover! Granted I’ve not been using one for long, but it is very easy to use and ergonomically, it is very comfortable.

Time will tell on whether I experience the scroll wheel clogging up, but I think this is one mouse that I’m going to live with.

Why I bought a mac mini

So why did I buy a mac mini?Well quite simply it was the best product that met my requirements, that came within my budget. Apple are not often labelled ‘value for money’, but with the mini they have a great all in one solution for those looking to upgrade their home computing solution. I’ll not go into a detailed review (there are plenty around) but I will state that this is one fine machine.

The mini is my first Apple computer and although I have two ipods, I’ve haven’t been an Apple fan. They always produce products that divide their critics, appear over priced and somewhat arrogant. Take the ipod, for so many the best gadget ever produced, but others complain about the lack of features or that the sound quality doesn’t compare to others such as Sony or Creative. Just check out AV Forums to see user experiences and debate.

I have to confess that I love my ipods. I have a 4th gen 40GB and a 1stgen 2GB nano and both serve me well. I do encode my cd’s at a fairly high bit rate between 256 and 320 to ensure that I get the best out of my digital music. I also have a decent set of headphones.

Back to the mini.
Well for form it’s got it in bucket loads, it really is small, but they haven’t compromised on spec other than an integrated graphics card (but I’m not a pc gamer). I bought it primarily as my home computer / home theatre option.I have it connected to a 32” LCD via DVI and it looks great and subsequently has replaced my DVD player. One of Apples products is called OS X and is arguably their most famous product.OS X is Apples operating system that powers all the computers and even the iphone!I’ve always been a windows man and the change to OS X has been really easy.
When you hear things like ‘it just works’ you often wonder how real that is.Trust me, it’s very real, scarily so, especially when you come from a Microsoft background.The mac worked straight out of the box and detected my
MS wireless keyboard and mouse. On XP I had to install the drivers first! OS X has loads of features and as a former XP user seems to be a massive change, but it’s really intuitive and the you wonder how you lived without them for so long.
Take Front Row, you use your apple remote to navigate your photos, podcasts, music or movies.In a digital world this just makes sense. After I’ve had s few months to play with the mini and OS X I’ll write an update and let you k
now how I’ve got on.

Mac, ODF and 3g

I bought myself a mac mini a couple of weeks ago and have been playing with it ever since. Like many people, I have been an admirer of Apple’s product design and I currently own an ipod nano and a 4th gen ipod. Both have served me well and I am fairly comfortable with itunes. It was only a matter of time until I bought a proper mac computer. The mini serves me great, both as a pc and as a home theatre solution. I’ll develop this into a proper post about my mac later on.

What is ODF? Well, it’s Open Document Format and it stands between the free world and Microsoft. Well OK, a little dramatic, but it represents open source battling against proprietary software such as Microsoft’s XML. I’m a fan of open source and I’ll be writing about how you can support the open source community and ODF by doing little more than downloading some great software.

Finally 3g. This technology promised the earth back in 2000, yet 8 years later we are yet to be truly convinced. I myself have been using 3g for over three years on various networks, but it’s only really now that data tariffs have dropped in price that the technology is really starting to get a foothold. I’ll be telling you why you need to get a 3g phone with a cheap data tariff.