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A Million Words Published at Work in a Remote Company

This is great advice from Sara Rosso:

How, What, Why to Document (and Publish) at Work

Work as though you’re constantly training your replacement: document, explain, and be as public as possible with decisions / discussions.

Gomix is the easiest way to build the app or bot of your dreams

  • Start by remixing
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Introducing E-Learning Courses for Journalists

The courses are available through Blueprint, Facebook's global training program, and focus on the three core pillars of the news cycle: discovering content, creating stories, and building an audience.

To access these courses, you'll need to link your Facebook account to Exceed LMS, the third-party learning management system that powers Blueprint.

Science-Based Weight Training – The Mission

Recommendation: Train to momentary muscular failure in order to recruit all possible muscle fibers. Do not train to a set number of repetitions.

Recommendation: Select a weight of 80%RM and do reps to failure, which is optimal for strength, muscular endurance, and bone density.

Recommendation: Lift slowly enough to maintain muscular tension. In extreme cases, this may be 10 seconds up, 10 down, though that doesn’t appear to be necessary. I use a cadence of 4–5 seconds up, same down.

Recommendation: Select your own rest interval for muscle growth. Use short rest intervals for cardiovascular conditioning.

Recommendation: Single set training appears to be as effective as multiple sets for muscle growth. There’s little scientific evidence for a recommendation as to frequency of training.

If I had to pick a single one of the above recommendations to emphasize, it would be intensity of effort, which appears to be the single most important aspect in attaining growth in strength and size.