A Guide to Facebook Ads for Small Business Owners


Useful advice from Dakota Shane Nunley:

Campaign #1: Josie targets employees of the nearby commercial center.

By using targeting methods, Josie is telling Facebook only people with interest X and interest Y should be seeing her ad. It’s as if she is creating a highly personalized, extremely nuanced billboard on a freeway where only her customers are allowed to drive on.

Campaign #2: Josie tests a more general audience for her advertisements.

To do this, she targets people who live in Oakland, San Francisco, and the rest of the Bay Area. Specifically, people with interest like coffee, tea, and food.

Campaign #3: Josie targets students at the nearby community college.

At the college, it’s midterm season. Josie swoops at the opportunity by creating an ad that reads: “Josie’s Cup of Joe: Helping Students Dominate Midterms since 2005”.

For all three ad campaigns, Josie uses an exclusive 20% promo code available to ensure she can track who came into her store through Facebook.

I’ve had some experience of FB ads and would recommend giving them a try. You can achieve quite a lot, for little outlet.

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