Elementor Page Builder — WordPress Plugin

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is the fastest free page builder, that enables you to design pages like never before possible.

Instant drag and drop

The most frustrating thing about drag and drop, is the lag that occurs after the drop. We created the elementor so all dragging and dropping is perfect. No lags. No Jumps.

Advanced design capabilities

Create pages that have “the designer touch”, by including features like parallax scroll, full width background images, advanced buttons, custom headers, slide in forms and more.

Responsive design

No designer should work twice on the same page. With Elementor, there’s no need to create a separate version for mobile. This saves half the work and still results in 100% responsive design.

Works on the Frontend

Never again work on the backend and guess what the frontend will look like. With Elementor, you edit the site and simultaneously see how the exact site looks like.

Gives total control with no hassle

We worked hard to create the perfect balance between full design capabilities and an intuitive and clean interface. You no longer need to use code, HTML, CSS or shortcode.

Works on any theme

Elementor works on any old or new theme. Switching between themes is no problem.

RTL supported, multilingual and translatable

We’ve integrated RTL and multi language support within the framework of Elementor, so you get a translated panel out of the box, as well as RTL typography support, and developer options to add even more languages.

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